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Located in the beautiful Cypress area, Cypress Therapeutic Massage specializes in first-class restorative treatments. We aim to nurture and relax each of our guests with individualized and innovative therapeutic techniques. Creating a safe place for healing to occur, we use natural and pure ingredients to nourish your body and soul. Schedule your next visit in a place where your well-being is top priority. Become well known in the community. We value the local love of the community

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The rise of Massage Therapy in Pain Management

Reframing your pain management approach

Clients' lifestyles-and their willingness to adapt, can be the single biggest influence on how many sessions the client will need and how effective the treatment will be. Check out these common issues and a less traditional plan to bring results


Degenerative Disk Disease

The Plan:

6-session treatments 


Decrease lumbar and lower extremities pain and increase function ability by reducing occasional flare ups.

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The Plan:

Regular 30Min weekly gentle abdominal massages done in circular motion.


Relief from intestinal blockage or constipation by warming the area, relaxing, loosening and relieving bloating and pain.

Back Massage


The Plan:

Biweekly hourly sessions 


Provide relief from the intense pain and sensitivity of a flare up by using the right amount of pressure with broad, flat-hand strokes.


How to reduce pain after Liposuction

Follow these steps to reduce pain and speed up healing,


Wear your compression garment

Your skin is a little loose after liposuction, and needs time to tighten and fuse to the underlying soft tissue. Your post-surgical compression garment will help your body with this process, and you will find the support given by the garment will help in your recovery.

Stay Hydrated

Liposuction, just like most surgical procedures, causes internal fluid shifts. By drinking a lot of fluid with electrolytes, you help your body to maintain overall internal hydration and heal faster.

Massage with anti-inflammatory creams

Massage will help to reduce pain and swelling in the recovery period. Once you get over the initial pain of starting massage, it helps to reduce swelling in the areas of surgery. When combining anti-inflammatory creams, such as arnica based creams, with massage, the session is more tolerable and productive.

Stay Active

Movement after liposuction helps tremendously in recovery. Moving around, such as walking and doing normal activities, helps your muscle and fascia to recover from liposuction. It helps to mobilize your body fluid, especially the lymphatic system.


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